Rockin’ the Bendaroos

I woke up this morning and sat down to finish out song number 8 for February Album Writing Month and noticed that something was rattling around inside my guitar.  After fishing around in it for a minute I pulled out a wad of Bendaroos.  They’re these stringy pieces of wax that you can use to model all kinds of stuff, covering your hands in a weird goo in the process.

I wasn’t surprised to find them in the guitar.

Anyhow, you may be wondering what’s been going on with the songwriting.  I’m keeping up with the process and have 8 songs that I’m really proud of recorded to the iPhone and in constant rotation during my drive home.  “Post them!” I hear you say.  Well, not yet, and here’s why:

I had the feeling that “Just Three Minutes” wasn’t getting across the feeling I wanted when I recorded it.  I remember playing it for Amy and thinking, “This sounds more like ‘I’m Walking on Sunshine’ than The Supremes…”  So when Jon Shoemaker said more or less the same on Sunday I decided to head back to the drawing board and rework my effects and instrumentation to get more of the sound I was looking for.

Fortunately, this has left me with more time to actually write music rather than just track it, and I feel great about what I’ve pulled off so far.  Here’s a list of the songs I’ve written and generally what they’re about:

  1. Little Bird
  2. Walk on By
  3. Just Three Minutes
  4. Falling in Love – A Four Tops style stomper written around something our preacher said during his sermon.
  5. Keep Me Wanting More – Alternating between sweet ballad and bouncy pop, this is a love song to my wife and kids.
  6. Los Caballeros – With a little bit of a western feel, this sultry song is about the men who raise and train the horses along and in the San Gabriel river.
  7. Jubilee – A slightly angry call and response about debt relief and the people of Haiti.
  8. Wisdom of the Fool – A sappy breakup song with images of Balboa Island and the days when Amy lived right on Newport peninsula.  Good times.

I’m expecting to get some tracks recorded before too long here, so hopefully I’ll have something up here for people to hear soon.

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