Wasted, my second song for FAWM, follows along with my theme I’m working on and is an attempt to nail down both the lyrical style and the studio structure so that writing the next 12 songs will just flow. I feel a little like I’m cheating as it veers strongly into territory I’ve worked in before, but I think that’s just part of the process.

The lyrics are a little more obvious than usual for me, so I’ll let them speak for themselves. Nothing personal in this case – just a story.


Wasted (mp3, 3.4MB)


Wasted on a Wednesday night she
Promised she would never promise
Anything she didn’t want to

Yellow fingertips can’t hide my
Desperation, change my station
But maybe I could change my mind to

Words that tame you
Nights that claim you
Make you want to stay
Oh girl, don’t go away

Watch her students leaving
Searching for the meaning
In their longing glances – I relate

Walked her home to beg a kiss
Or maybe one more drink to
Piss away the time we wasted

These stacks of prose
Beneath our clothes
Give fuel to the fire
I’m walking on your wire
Might be time to retire…

One more year just wasted waiting
(Please don’t go)
One more glance, to leave me begging
(Please don’t go)

Alkaline beneath our tongues
You take me where I want to run
Away from everything I’m carrying

In a box and on my back
You’ll give me everything I lack
I’ll give the clothes I’m wearing

Fill the whole
Left by this soul
Oh baby, I believe
Just please, don’t ever leave

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