Westminster Quarters

Just to keep things fresh and interesting, I decided to push out a bit and write some french-house inspired trance for my fifth February Album Writing Month (FAWM) track.  This uses the Westminster Quarters tune (permutations 4 and 5) in the beginning and end of the song, thus the name.

Technically, I wanted to figure out the whole Daft Punk sidechain compression trick (called ducking or breathing), which is very, very simple to pull off in Logic.  I might end up doing a quick screencast of the process since it’s not immediately obvious how to get everything working correctly and the best tutorial I found wasn’t a video.  Turn it up to get the full effect.


Westminster Quarters (mp3, 5MB)

Lyrics (traditional, not sung)

O Lord our God
Be Thou our guide
That by thy help
No foot may slide.

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