In The End

Originally written to sound like a the La’s song, “In The End” struggles with its identity and has ended up with a Portishead / Aimee Mann treatment as well.  It’s not exactly about anything – I just wanted to play with the no-chorus-simple-refrain structure.


All of these words are token
One million hearts, all left broken
But I know that in the end
I’ve got you, dear

Full of regret, penitence chides me
Stole all your tears, drowned deep inside me
But somehow I know that in the end
I’ve got you here

One more ghost in this house
Haunting my dreams
You breathe my choleric sighs
And burst at the seams

I’ll poke and I’ll prod ’til I’ve found this cancer
Just one more prayer left to be answered
And somehow I know that in the end
I’ll find you here

In The End

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