Recalling You

Written in 2001, “Recalling You” is a hook turned into a song.  The chorus is one I often find myself humming when I’m not thinking about anything.  The lyrics are throw-away, but the tune sticks with me almost 10 years later.

This was recorded before “In The End” and is my first attempt at getting a rock and roll sound down.  You can tell by listening to the track that the electric guitar was added well into the recording process.  I wasn’t willing to let go of the folky acoustic and so the electric keeps fighting for a place in the mix.  I do like the bass line, though, especially when played by my friend Kris Cain.


I thought forgiveness was a crime
I found you guilty time after time
I thought I couldn’t use your love
Turns out you can’t use mine

I found myself recalling you
I never took the time for two
I couldn’t do the things you do
I guess I’m stuck recalling you

I asked you, “What if I could change?”
You said, “It all ends up the same.”
So you walked right out my kitchen door
While I slid down the drain


But if I promised everything I had
Could you see right through the haze, right past the bad
Would you take me for your own
Or maybe call me on the phone
Oh baby, please throw me a bone
I’ll take your scraps

I saw you walking out downtown
He held your hand, I choked it down
Ya, I jumped ship for distant shores
And on the way I drowned


Recalling You

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