Sing Hallelujah

While working on a Christmas song for the San Dimas Songwriter Showcase this week, Amy mentioned that I should write something somber and serious.  This is not that song, but it’s a song for her.  It was recorded on my laptop using the built-in microphone for the guitars and my gaming headset for the vocals.  It sounds like it.  Next stop – full band.


Verse 1
Just like the set-up for the punchline
Another Christmas comes along
I’ve found myself standing in my darkness
Expecting everything that’s wrong

But your not here with me
And baby that’s what I need

You’ve got your lights on your Christmas tree
You’ve got your favorite songs
I want whatever it is you got
Cause I can’t see the peace, love and joy but maybe
You can see enough for me

Verse 2
Spent years just holdin’ out for somethin’
But nothin’s all I’ve got to show
I should have asked for somethin’ different
Now I’m just stuck ‘neath miles of snow

Can you see through this flood?
Can you do me some good?


This year I think I’m letting go
I can’t believe it’s just for show
So show me everything you know…


Chorus 2
Sing Hallelujah everyone or
Just sing your favorite songs
It’s time for peace, love and joy and maybe
That’s the best we’ve got for the moment
Try to find yourself just one single moment
Where you find your self just there in the moment
Maybe that’s enough for you and me

Sing Hallelujah

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