Studio Update

Photo by Amy Frazier

So I’ve been working on getting a new studio setup in place for FAWM and it’s coming together really well.  I ended up selling off all of my mobile gear (the mixer I posted about and the breakout box) and getting a much smaller, far more versatile setup.  It turns out that Sweetwater has absurdly great deals (be careful, not everything is cheaper) and free shipping, so I purchased a 4 channel Lexicon USB audio box that works like a champ.  The preamps are clean and the whole thing feels sturdy, which is impressive considering the size.  I also picked up the Sweetwater studio mic starter kit which comes with a nice array of condenser mics, one of which is designed for mic’ing amp cabinets or drums (YAY!).

After a ton of research and testing I ended up purchasing Logic Express from Apple.  Since our family has moved to all Macs I’ve become something of a fanboy, but I like to think that I had a clear mind when purchasing the software.  I’ve been really impressed at how clean the interface is and how easy it is to get recording work done.  The pedal-board UI is rockin’ cool too.  I’ve been able to get some great sounds from my electric – something I’ve never really been able to do with my older gear.

I still need to pick up a pair of quality monitors (any suggestions?)  but fortunately I still have enough cash from the sale of my older gear to grab something decent.  Not perfect… decent.  Hopefully I’ll have everything together in time to start recording in earnest by February 1st!

Oh… one last thing.  I had a cool set put together for the Songwriter Showcase but I ended up getting sick and sleeping through it all.  I might end up recording one of the songs and posting it up here before FAWM starts.  We’ll see.

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