Post Songwriter Showcase – February 2010

Due to double booking at Homebrew Coffee, the Showcase was moved to steve Guiles’ (the organizer) home studio where a room full of musicians and songwriters packed in for a night of both originals and covers.  I spent a good chunk of the evening sitting on the floor.  Others were on fold-out chairs, footstools, drum thrones, and futons.  It felt very punk rock.

There were a couple of new musicians that really surprised in both their talent and age diversity.  I think that’s one of my favorite things about the showcase – it’s truly an intergenerational sort of thing.

There was less of a FAWM orientation than I expected.  I think Steve and I were the only people playing songs from our FAWM work, but that makes sense.  I mean, if you’re writing an album in a month, you probably want to make the most of every weekend you’ve got.

I ended up performing “Little Bird” with Rebecca Best on lead vocals (holy moly, that woman has pipes!) and then “Caballeros” with various percussion playing in the room.  Amy had suggested I play “Caballeros” and while I wasn’t sure at first it was the best song to play, I’m convinced now that it’s not just one of the best songs from FAWM so far, but it’s also one of the best for live performance.

Here are the video and photos from the performance.  It was pretty dark, so some of the video is hard to see, but the music came through well.

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