Two More Songs!

"Snack Time" by Amy Frazier

While planning for February Album Writing Month (FAWM), I came up with a bunch of strategies to help me keep up with writing a new song every other day.  I researched genres (deciding to go with soul / mid-60s Motown), studied album structure, song titles and topics, collected links to rhyming and famous quote sites… yes, I geeked out hard on the prep.  But I always had this niggling sense that when it came time to write, nothing would happen.  I’d sit down with my guitar and the laptop and… nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  No ideas.  Amazingly, the opposite has happened.

I’ll admit, the iPhone memo recorder trick has played a huge part in helping me capture ideas when I have them (which is more or less all the time now) and has forced me to avoid the trap of trying to produce a completed song while writing, but I think the inspiration has been less tech oriented and tied more deeply to the fact that I’ve owned up to the fact that I can write songs.  Period.  I’m a songwriter and I can do this.

So the last three days have been a pretty cool ride.  Each time I sit down, I work through a number of the ideas I’ve collected on the phone, playing them over and over (with headphones), singing possible lyrics on top of bare beats and bass lines, jamming with the guitar (side note: when I’m just singing, I sing in F#.  Always.) and working up possible hooks.  And then it just comes.  The whole song writes itself in about 30 minutes or so, I play through what I’ve got with Amy and see if it makes sense, head to the bedroom (the closest thing in the house to a sound booth) and record a couple of takes to the phone for listening.  And it’s done.  And it works.

So I’ve got two more songs written (I’ll track them and anything else I write this weekend) and I’m really not worried about being able to knock out 10 more.

(Niggling voice in my head…) Hopefully this keeps up.

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