Walk On By

This is song number two for FAWM 2010 and I’m working again on that Motown sound.  This is your classic break-up song – guy done wrong by his woman and trying to get over it.  I wanted to use the line “one bitten, twice shy, walk on by.”

Walk on By

Walk On By

Girl I pray for rain
Just to hide these tears
And I pray that the pain
Will go away with the years

And I know that this hurt means nothing
To your wicked heart my dear
So just walk on by, my love
Just walk on by

When you walked away
You said it’s cause I couldn’t change
But ever since that day
My whole life’s been rearranged

But I guess I just can’t keep trying
To be more than the man I am
So walk on by, oh girl
Just walk on by


Walk on by, oh baby
Walk on by

So when you see my on the street
And I turn away
It’s not because I’m weak
But I learned the hard way

That a boy once bitten, baby
Is bound to be twice shy
So I’ll walk on by, oh girl
I’ll walk on by, my love
I’ll walk on by, bye, bye
I’ll walk on by…

When you walk on by
Won’t let you see me crying
When you walk on by
Cause my heart is dying

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