Los Caballeros


I’ve always thought it odd that so many 60s soul groups did latin and western style songs.  I guess you play what your audience wants to hear.  This is an attempt to capture some of the lounge and western style from that era.

The “Spanish” is intentionally incomprehensible.  I think I used Google translation to come up with something that no native speaker could understand.


Way out west, in the shadow of the mountains
There’s a river that flows under miles of sand
And the people who live beside it
Know the way to bind the hearts of horse and man

And the water flows beneath their toes
And the horse runs with him where he goes

There’s a circle between the manzanita
There’s a line of leather resting in his hand
And their walk goes on forever
Or at least until the rains wash out the land

And the people rushing by don’t know
The magic down beneath the road

There’s a band playing on a platform
There’s a old man fishing con barra de pan
There’s a boy trying to be a soldier
There’s a piece of steel he thinks makes him a man

But the river calls to other souls
And takes the horses where it rolls

This world of good intentions lies
Between the water and the skies


Los Caballeros – Full Band

Los Caballeros – Practice Track

Los Caballeros – iPhone


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  1. Becca Shryock says:

    Love this track!!! 🙂

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