Shine Out Bright for You


My father was a Quaker pacifist who worked in the defense industry and once went to jail for beating up a guy.  I was taught from an early age that true power meant never having to fight, but I was also never to come home bloodied without putting up a defense.  I am very serious about my pacifism, but I’m also not an idiot.

This song isn’t exactly about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It’s really about love and wanting life more than death.  It’s about naive hope, the kind that soldiers and their families hold on to in the middle of the worst tours of duty.


Verse 1
It seems like yesterday
You left for far away
And I’m still here, all alone

I know you’re doing good
You’re working like you should
But I’m tired of loving through the phone

And May can’t come too fast
My broken heart can’t last
You’ve got find your way back home

My love will shine out bright for you, babe
Until you come back to my arms
My song is calling out to you, babe
And love will keep you safe from harm

Verse 2
I feel the months slip by
Every day I want to cry
There’s something missing with you gone

This smile is just a mask
I know it’s ain’t right to ask
But why is coming home so wrong?

And just when I’m going numb
You sweet, sweet letter comes
And I can take it one more day


The months turn into years
I’ve no fight left, I fear
This is a war that can’t be won

Key Change to Chorus


Shine Out Bright for You – Full Band

Shine Out Bright for You – Practice Track

Shine Out Bright for You – iPhone

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