Hello, Boy

The first song of February Album Writing Month (FAWM) is written and a demo recorded.  It’s called “Hello, Boy” and is my first run at fleshing out this theme I have going on in my head.  It’s a little sad sounding, but in classic FrazierTunes fashion, the sadder is sounds, the more joy there is in the lyrics.  For me, that is.

Demo Track

Hello, Boy (mp3, 3.2MB)


Digging through the pieces
The metal left in creases
I found the thing that I was searching for

Filling up our pockets
Reconstructing ancient rockets
That crashed into the earth when I was born

There’s never time to stop, no time to mourn

Each night we both went under
To raise the dead from slumber
To get back years you lost without regret

The cold bit at our fingers
The smell of decades lingers
But still I find myself prone to forget

There’s never time to stop, no not quite yet

Moving at the speed of light
I never seem to get it right
But even years away you take me to the stars

This rocket’s on it’s way back home tonight
Venus guides our way, she shines so bright
Won’t you say a prayer for those who still must fight

Touching down…

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