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Summer of 1966

I’m doing some prep for the show on Saturday, getting together some details about the summer of 1966 – the summer when “You Can’t Hurry Love” was released by The Supremes and became an international hit. What do you remember about the summer of 1966? Continue reading

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Shine Out Bright for You (Practice Track)

For Memorial Day, here’s a practice recording Rebecca and I did of “Shine Out Bright for You,” a song about the very personal wars going on in the hearts and homes of the families of servicemen and women throughout the country. Continue reading

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Post Songwriter Showcase – February 2010

Due to double booking at Homebrew Coffee, the Showcase was moved to steve Guiles’ (the organizer) home studio where a room full of musicians and songwriters packed in for a night of both originals and covers. I spent a good chunk of the evening sitting on the floor. Others were on fold-out chairs, footstools, drum thrones, and futons. It felt very punk rock. Continue reading

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Just Three Minutes

This song is sort of a departure from the genre and feel I’ve been going for, but it’s fun enough that I’m not worrying about being 100% period accurate. It’s the story of a musician who, upon looking out in the crowd, sees a girl that catches his eye. He ends up playing his heart out just so that the girl will notice him, but in the end… well… you’ll just have to listen to find out what happens. Continue reading

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Walk On By

This is song number two for FAWM 2010 and I’m working again on that Motown sound. This is your classic break-up song – guy done wrong by his woman and trying to get over it. Continue reading

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Little Bird

Song number one of the 2010 FAWM is here! Other than Summertime, this is my first attempt to get a recognizable Motown sound and generally I’m happy with the product. It’s a happy song about finding joy in the song of the world around you. Continue reading

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